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Foreigners about the Russian women

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Foreigners about the Russian women

    Foreigners about Russian women as a whole, foreigners allocate as the most significant characteristic of the Russian woman – its beauty (it is a question of corporal beauty) – 25 % of all contexts. For example, “Russian women are even not simply beautiful, they are madly beautiful, so beautiful, that words it will not explain “, ” I often go across the Europe, saw many nice women, but now I understand, that such, is more tremendous charming and womanly, is only in Russia “. The beauty reveals through appeal, charm, charm, sexuality, refinement, elegance, etc. very significant there is a feminity (” They are more womanly. Russian women are painted and keep is more womanly, than Swiss “). It is marked, that Russian women watch themselves, have the feeling of taste allowing them it is good to look. It is often spoken about beauty of eyes, and in the most different contexts: ” At them extraordinary beautiful eyes ” and ” They there all witches! At it and eyes, probably, green also sparkle! It will bewitch you and will rob blind “.

    Exclusiveness of the Russian woman (13 %) approaches with the given characteristic: foreigners believe, that it is mysterious, unlike other women, it is better than others: ” Modern Russian women, the most incomprehensible image able to combine slavic mysteriousness and the European refinement “, ” I do not know, certainly, that in them such, why they such attractive “. Foreigners allocate also such quality of the Russian woman, as independence (9 %): ” Lovely, touching, sacrificial creations ” appeared rather vigorous, business and combative, rigidly stopping encroachments on the rights “;” Independence of Russian women, them they are not submissive to traditional social and sexual norms “. Though, it appears, that Independence of Russian women is not a dominant of behavior about what statements of foreigners testify to sincere qualities of the Russian woman and its role in family. For example, ” the General opinion of the western men: Russian women more kindly, more carefully and they good wives “; ” Russian women, for me are women who devote itself entirely to the men – to fathers, to sons, and most of all, to the husbands and lovers. In this sense it is not present equal “. Among sincere qualities are marked: kindness, humanity, sincerity, ability to love, care, fidelity (” the openness to sincere contacts is the distinctive characteristic of Russian women “) – i.e. those qualities which are not peculiar aggressively Emancipation to type of behaviour.

    Among other characteristics are marked: emotsionalnost behaviour of 6 %, ability to the organization of the communications of 5 %, high professionalism of 5 %, aggression in behaviour of 4 %, high mental abilities of 4 %, popularity at men of 4 %, immoral behaviour of 3 %, dependence on men of 3 %, courage of 2 % and russians 2 %. It is interesting, that foreigners highly estimate mental abilities of Russian women: ” Than from Russia the blonde differs from the blonde in general? The blonde from Russia is able to play a chess “,” a high educational level and vocational training “. As a whole, the attitude to russian women rather positive, though also non-uniform. The most positive responses go from Americans and Japanese, less positive – from the Frenchmen and Italians, and Germans are adjusted most negatively (for example, ” Their women are similar to prostitutes “,” Have got used to be afraid of artful Russian women, not less artful Russian mafia “, etc.)

russian women

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